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There is no denying that Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown has had a huge impact on every single one of us. Whether you are a key worker who is still out at work, someone who is shielding and needs to be hidden away at home; or someone who simply is abiding by the rules and spending their time indoors with their family or friends.

Covid-19 has had an impact on a few areas of our lives. Some which are obvious and some that are not so obvious. One area that you might not think has seen a change is home cooking. We live busy lives and with all the rushing around it seems that cooking and eating has become something that we place on the back burner.

Dinners are a rushed affair and we, as a family, don’t really take the time to prepare them, choosing quick fix meals instead. However, let’s look at the ways that home cooking has now changed during lockdown.

We are preparing home cooked meals

One of the biggest changes to come from being in lockdown is the fact that we are cooking more delicious home cooked meals, rather than relying on ready made things. Sure, we might order a takeaway every so often, but in the most part everything that we cook is from scratch at home. We are trying out new recipes, we are planning meals and we also have the time to marinade things, to let them sit in sauces and spices that are going to really add some flavour.

We are cooking and eating together

Along with the above point, we are also incorporating our families into mealtimes more then we have before. We are getting them involved in cooking, we are asking them to help and then, when the meals are prepared and served, we are coming together as one unit to enjoy them.

We are relying on online shopping

Heading out to the supermarket is something that many of us simply take for granted. However, over the past few weeks we have had to limit our trips and buy things online instead. Online shopping is great for convenience and it also helps us to plan what we need to buy for certain dishes. Having this time, rather than having to grab things as we go round the supermarket, means that we can actually think about what dishes we want to cook and come up with recipes.

We have time

The key thing that links all these things together is that we now have time to cook, to really prepare foods that we want to eat. Rather than stressing about getting everyone to bed and sorting out things for the next day, dinner has become an event, it has become something that we all look forward to and that we come together for.

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